2 days work

You know I love my computer. And I love the internet. But lately I've just had too much other creative stuff going on to do anything other than a brief glance at emails. Sorry! I've missed you all too. And I wont really be back with any seriousness for a while.

In the meantime there is at least one project I can share with you (lots of secret present making going on!)... This is the 8x3metre backdrop for our Christmas eve play tonight. I sewed the hoops in and the two 1.5x8 metre widths together, designed and painted the whole thing with the exception of getting some help from Joel with the sky. Actually, he even painted over the bit of sky I had done I think so he gets full credit for the blue sky.

I can't wait to see all the kids in their costumes in front of it.

Happy Christmas Eve to you all! xx

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