Green Smoothies

Mmm!! Delicious! I miss mangos. And banana's too now that Yasi made them too rare and expensive. But that was a good smoothie up there in the picture. A big, set up for the camera, not the actual amount of fruit/spinach/water I use, smoothie. Just so you know. But it's a good picture.

I've had a few people ask me about the green smoothies we have for breakfast. So this is the post about them.

We first heard about green smoothies at the evening seminar we went to in October last year. We learnt about Victoria Boutenko - the mother of Green Smoothies, and how she had discovered that to be truly healthy we need a fairly large amount of green leafy vegetables each day. She realised that she couldn't sit down and eat her way through the amount of lettuce/spinach/kale etc that she needed each day so she started putting it in her blender with some fruit and water to make it tastier. She tested her theory on a a whole lot of different people and discovered that in just 30 days of adding a green smoothie to your diet and not changing anything else more than 60% of people had a measurable difference in their health and nearly 100% of people 'felt better'. When combined with healthier eating habits overall the positive changes in health, emotion and general wellbeing are nothing short of drastic. (Links to great sites with more info at the bottom of this post)

Sounded pretty good to us! To start with Joel and I would both have the same thins in our smoothies but as we got used to them we learnt more about what we liked and what we didn't. Now we have quite different smoothies to each other every day.

Joel's Smoothie Today:

500ml (1/2 quart) filtered water in the blender.
Chunks of watermelon until it reaches the 1Litre (1 Quart) mark.
2 big hands of Endive.

Blend it & blend it good. Drink and smile knowing you are doing your body a world of good.

My Smoothie of the Week:

300-400ml filtered water in the blender (I can't drink as much as Joel).
1 Pear
1 yellow nectarine
a few giant handfuls of baby spinach to take the level just below 1 Litre.

Blend and enjoy.

There are so many ways you can do this. The point is to get your fresh, raw greens into you at a time of day when you need them.

I could say a whole lot more but I'll just say this and then leave you with some links to do your own reading (partly because they say things better than I do as the experts): it makes a difference! It really does. If you don't believe me just give it a try for 30 days. Replace your breakfast with a green smoothie every day for a month and tell me what you think at the end. I dare you!


Green for Life - An amazing book to give you answers.


  1. Hey Rach-e!

    Thank you for starting us all off! Here are some of my favourites from the Gladstone Smoothers...

    My favourite improvement to my health is that I don't get cold sores anymore! Yay!

    and my favourite smoothie is;

    1 cup of Grapes
    1 small lebanese cucumber
    some mint leaves (2 tablespoons?)
    lots of greens of some sort
    400ml water and ice blocks to make it up to 500ml

    Blend, drink and feel refreshed!

    Daniel's favourite smoothie is;

    450ml water and ice up to 500ml
    lots of spinach
    2 kiwi fruit
    1 apple or pear

  2. I'm doing it! I'm starting the green smoothies challenge for April. I had my first one yesterday (your favorite one Rachel) and it was beautiful! I was so surprised that the baby spinach really didn't flavor the smoothies, just coloured it. Thank you for introducing it to me. I'm gonna blog about it soon! Awesome!


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