Morgan's Spot

He walks as if he's going to go right past the curtain and into the wall then with a quick head flick and a double back tucks himself in between the curtain and the window. He snuggles up to the low wall and rests his head on the window sill to keep an eye on the world. Until we talk to him. Then he pokes his head underneath curtain to see what we want and if it's worth leaving his spot.

Usually if I move to get my camera he follows me, ruining my plan. Today I told him to 'Stay'. He stayed while I looked in two place for my camera, discovered it didn't have a card in it, disconnected the card from my computer, put it in the camera, changed the settings and took 3 photos. He stayed exactly how he was because I told him to (and because he usually gets treats when he does!).

Such a good little puppy. And so hilarious!


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