A 4 Year Old, The Cosmetic Section & Me

Nope, the title pretty much sums it up!

We tried some nail polish out but that wasn't anything new so I let her pick whatever colours she wanted while her mum shopped for foundation. I definitely told her this is how you wear makeup when you're four - as war paint!

The black eyeshadow stained her cheek for a day and the lip stain (yep, it looked like lipgloss and I only read it after!) was there for a day too. Her mummy laughed nervously as I promised it would wash off and her daddy rolled his eyes. It did all come off faster than the time I panted all her finger nails and toe nails different colours. Then succumbed to her wish to paint mine the same.

Oh Kiddo, you make me do some crazy stuff but boy are you good fun to hang out with. Miss you and your family. xx

Mara, I'm sorry for teaching her about makeup! Hopefully she still things it's just for play!! When she's ready (like 20??!!) I'll teach her how to wear it properly. No emo eyes or indian stripes. Promise! xx


  1. personally, I love the Dorothy the Dinosaur headband!


  2. I don't think Zaylia could possibly look bad, even if she tried. I like it, its endearing.

  3. Yes, the Headband really does set the whole thing off!

    Anna - true - she is eternally cute!

  4. That's my girl!! Always easily influenced by her favourite person, Rach!! Miss you too!


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