Baby Sisters Kitchen Tea

3 months ago today my youngest sister tied the knot. A few days before that our middle sister, our mum and I threw her a Kitchen Tea party. Finally, I have organised myself to share some pictures with you. I didn't take as many as I wanted to but when you are catering, hosting and photographing you can only do some much of each thing. So here's a little taste of our fabulous party:

Mum & I bought 30+ 2nd hand teacups and saucers, glass platters, teapots, sugar bowls & milk jugs for $28. Really! I was quite sad that I couldn't bring more of it home on the plane with me.

One of the gorgeous spools my father in law made me for Christmas.

The sister loves birds. Even before they were trendy. I am wondering what critter will be trendy next...

Over Christmas my mother in law made all these cute flags for me in preparation. I stuck them in heaps of food but was too distracted to get photos of anything other than my delicious and pretty cup cakes.

My two lovely sisters. Jes is presenting Han with the tools of her new housewife trade: apron, feather duster and tiara. We even gave her a pink bird for her shoulder since her actual bird is far too antisocial to join the party and she wanted him there. Mum made the apron and had every sign it with a message. She then took it home and stitched over everyone's messages so they wont fade with washing.

Jes made this lovely book for all of us to write recipes, advice and love notes to the Bride.

What is a Kitchen Tea without dressing up people in toilet paper wedding gowns?!! The girl on the far left is one of Han's new sisters. We love our new family!

The Bride herself. Enjoying her new snuggy! We asked people to bring practical gifts to help set up their new home. (which reminds me that I don't have a picture of the invitations...) Everyone was so incredibly generous. I doubt Han & Adam to much at all in the way of storage, cleaning products, kitchen utensils & crockery. They were even given a bucket and an ironing board! thank you to everyone who came to make this a special day for my baby sister. Special thanks to mum, Jes, Rosemary, Maria, the dad's & Adam. You all played a part and we couldn't' have done it without you.

Congratulations to Han & Adam on 3 months of marriage already!! Love you both. xx


  1. Awesome captures! Thanks for sharing such adorable moments.

  2. cute! it was good to see some photos of this...finally! ;) looks lovely, you covered all the bases! congrates Hannah and Adam!


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