Incoherent thoughts about stockings and chicken legs.

Church shoes, awesome stockings from my dear sister and... the most ridiculous pair of chicken legs. Really. Could they look any sillier being that skinny? Probably not. And I've even cropped them considerably to stop them from looking so darn stick like. Oh well. At least the rest of my body is now following suit - down 14.4kg's!

Anyway - the stockings are fabulous. I actually dreamt about wearing them with these shoes last night so figured I should wear them to church this morning. Nothing magic happened. Except that it I thought it was a very cute combo. And considering I'm currently wearing black tights, red explorer socks and a pink and blue floral shirt,wearing a cute outfit this morning is pretty magic!

Anyone else get excited about good tight/stocking and shoe combo's? Yes? This is deep stuff people. I am really taking this space to new levels today.

Thanks for the stockings Jes! I love them! More than cheese. xx

{P.S. Hello shiny new floors! More pictures of that soon. Note: I did NOT wear these shoes on the new floor. Shoes are a definite no-no these days. (We might have to discuss that too...) I placed them there carefully and then stepped into them before the timer went off. Or half stepped onto the right one. Which may account for the weirdness of the ankle? Or not? I never really see my feet from this angle so I don't know. Anyway... back on my feet/legs again.. Sorry. I'm just a bit shocked by how they look from down this low!! Right. New floors = Awesome. The end.}


  1. very good combo! nice shiny floors!I will be dreaming of nice floors...anything other then the Catherine court...carpet...if that's what you could call it! ;)

  2. Nice work. Yes, I must say that I do enjoy a good stocking/shoe combo myself.

  3. Ha! Loz - I remember spilling tomato sauce in number 5 and pouring bicarb on it to clean it. I thought I had wrecked the 'carpet' because it was such a different colour. No - that was just 'clean'! gross.

    Chelsea - you're fashion choice are always cute!

  4. Love it! Where can I get those shoes? Jules

  5. Hi Jules - Thanks! The shoes were a bargain at BigW for $28.

  6. They are like Miss Anne of Green Gables them xx


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