A Bit of John Butler Trio on a Monday Night

Sometimes you go to work and it's a drag. (You know it's true. Even if you love your job.) Sometimes you go to work and you are so busy that your feet hardly touch the ground.

And sometimes you go to work and come home with tickets to see one of your husbands favourites bands.

That was how it happened... standing in line for dinner in the dining room listening to a student getting pumped about going to a concert with one of the dorm parents... asking 'who are you seeing?" and then in the space of 4 heartbeats deciding - yes! we'll come too!

We met up for dinner at the Albion (delicious!) before heading over to the Albury Performing Arts Centre. Since there wouldn't be much of a chance to catch up during the show it was great to hang out for a bit first.

{I have never professed to a critic/reviewer or music person know it all so I make no apologies for just telling you the way I want to tell you. Even it involves making my point with bold letters rather than fancy words. It's my way.}

The support act was Melbourne band Husky. My review? I loved them! I could listen to a whole lot more of their music and feel calmer, more uplifted. Or I might just do a fancy jog around the lounge room. I liked them. I want to hear more. I even liked how super bendy the guy on keys was. I hope that playing with JBT gives their career a huge boost. Husky, you have yourselves a fan!


Oh - there they are! So tiny on the stage!! I took all these photos with my 50mm/1.4 because it's the fastest lens I own (currently.. hint hint!). Not great from the balcony for distance but pretty decent for such low light.

And then they came on stage!!! John Butler Trio. Music Goodness. You know how in the Bible it says "God created light and said 'It is Good'"? Well, not that I'm God but this is me saying: The John Butler Trio made music and it is Good. Yes. That good.

The drummer. Again. I'm no expert - but he was Good with a capital G too.

I loved they way the 3 guys interacted and had so much fun on stage. It made us feel like this wasn't just one of a bazillion performances they had done. Plus - they were very funny.

John and his slide guitar. Ah? Ah.mazing!!

He did two songs that absolutely floored me. The one he's doing in the picture below is one of them but I can't remember the name. The other was called Ocean. Do yourself a favour and youtube it.

Oh. There was this knuckle head and his buddy sitting in the row in front of us (we were one row back from the balcony edge). SInce I don't know his name and he doesn't know mine I'm going to say it - He was a drunk noodle brain with no consideration for anyone behind him or beside him. He and is almost as daft buddy were have 'play' fights so rough I could here the thumps, their partners looked mortified (well, at least they were staring straight ahead as if they barely knew them for a while there) and the usher had to ask them a few times to sit down or leave. I wish they'd left. Oh wait. They did. When they realised that JBT weren't on first they got up and left, after having come in late. Then when John Butler was actually on he spent most of the time calling out loudly, clapping (also loudly - assume it all was loud) and using foul langue to get us to all stand up and clap along. To every song. We didn't. I don't respond well to being sworn at. Finally he went out for a bit and came back reasonably subdued. Until he stood right in front of us! Clown. That kind of inappropriate behaviour from someone of his age (I'd say 30's?) astounds me. How do you get to be that age and still not understand how to act in social situations? Anyway, we didn't let him ruin our night. I just closed my eyes to listen and peered around him until the usher ushered him away. Bless her!

The view:

And then doofus was gone.

The encore. Pure entertaining talent. Here the bassist and John joined in with a fabulous drum off....

...Which ended with John jumping off the main drum kit, screaming, clapping and everyone out of their seats.


John Butler Trio - do yourself a favour and see them live. I promise that the only regret you'll have is if you wimp out. You know who I'm talking to!

They are phenomenal.

Special thanks to the fabulous student and his mum for organising tickets for us and for being such a great company.


  1. they are great aren't they! Was the other song Take? Ocean is an unreal song...at Bec and Courtney's graduation last year one of the students played it on guitar....CRAZY good! glad you got to enjoy it! and great to hear that bozo got "ushered" out! ;)

  2. Hilarious. Winnipeg has a John Butler who is musician, too. I was thinking, "Whoa... he made it to Australia?" But apparently, there are TWO musical John Butlers in the world.


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