Kylie & Ramen

When you're reading novels and they start talking about food do you just want to dive into the book and eat what they're eating?

I do. All the time. Mind you, I've had a fixation with food my entire life so this isn't really a surprise to me. I'm just putting it out there to see if I'm the only one who desperately wants to eat the food in the books.

In this awesome trilogy the little girl is always asking for ramen. I was pretty sure I'd never had any before so I bought a few packets to eat while reading. Talk about transporting myself into the novel. Kind of like 2 minute noodles I suppose. I've been eating them with soy sauce. Yummy. But being wheat I think I might have to stop at the 2 packets I've already eaten and leave it at the for the experience.

Anyways, these Kylie Chan books start of with The White Tiger, then there's The Red Phoenix and finally this one. But I believe there are 2 more trilogies to follow this set. I'm very glad about that as these books are such incredible, action packed, interesting, funny, all consuming stories that I'm half way through the third one and I only started last week. So knowing there are more is exciting.

I love these books. I'm not the biggest fan of Asian history but the huge dose of action, lots of magic and the fabulous story turn something I was previously not interested in into something I can't get enough of. Plus, she's an Australian author and I love to support our locals.

They even made me eat ramen noodles.

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  1. I love the books you read :) might have to buy or loan this series out?


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