Vegetables. And lots of them.

For those few who have voiced concerns that I must be going hungry at having cut meat and dairy from my menu or that I'm on some silly "diet". This is part, only part, of what I ate for lunch today.

{The lemon is a standard sized lemon just there to show you the size of the bowl}

In the bowl:
1 medium carrot
1 medium zucchini
1 squash
5 medium mushrooms
half a head of broccoli
a handful of sugar snap peas

I added them to the red curry paste I had slightly sautéed and boiled with a can of coconut cream. I let them get just slightly soft then spooned the whole lot onto some fresh singapore noodles. Delicious Vegetable Laksa. Yes, I ate the lot.

And dinner tonight is a huge container of salad to take to TAFE.

I am not going hungry. I am not starving myself. I am not on a crazy diet. I am eating the food my body needs for health and wellbeing. And I'm shopping for swimwear with confidence for the first time in years.

Eat your veggies today!


  1. gosh that sounds so yummy!
    salad to take to TAFE? prey tell what fun are you having at TAFE?

  2. Darling, your laksa is soooo good. I love it. and I love those veggies (and so does my body).

  3. Thanks, Rach! An absolutely DELICIOUS dish!
    Will enjoy it again in the future!


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