New Zealand - Just in case you were wondering

      We've been away for a little over 2 weeks.  Secondly we were in Brisbane for my dear sisters wedding.  But firstly we were in New Zealand.  We hired the most awesome camper van and drove all over the South Island.  The beauty if this country is so overwhelming at times I just had to close my eyes.  

   I promise to tell you more and share more pictures but for now: we're home safely and eternally grateful for an amazing holiday.

Pictures taken on the first full day we were in New Zealand.  I can't believe we didn't crash considering how blown away we were by the majesty of the views.  Australia just doesn't have mountains like this.  Oh, and that's our van down there!


  1. wow! look at all that snow! it looks so lovely! welcome back, I hope you are rested and had a wonderful time! Looking forward to hearing what you've been up to...and about Jes's wedding!...hey have you received your postcard?

  2. Looks amazing! Great to hear you had a lovely time! Will call soon for more details!!!
    love T xoxo


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