Veggie Juice Dinner

Hot weather makes me particularly dislike eating.  I can be starving hungry but nothing will strike my fancy so I usually end up eating mashed potatoes or pasta.  Again. 

Last night I was hot, hungry and not interested in food but knowing I hadn't come anywhere near my intake of good nutrition of the day.  So I grabbed some celery, a home grown carrot, half a giant cucumber, 2 plums and 6 oranges.  This all went through the juicer and straight into the blender where I added some ice, 2 big handfuls of baby spinach and a splash of blackcurrant and apple juice.  After blending it made just over a litre of juice for my dinner.

Delicious and nutritious (anyone finish and place the quote?!).

And now I'm hunting down more excellent juice combinations.  Any you can recommend? 

As a side note: the scrap bucket was by my feet as I was juicing and blending.  After typing the juice pulp into the bucket a certain puppy snuck up and ate a large portion of the pulp.  He loves his veggies too! 


  1. My favourite is a large handful of baby spinach, 2 oranges, one apple, 3 celery sticks with leaves, 2 carrots, 1 Fresh beetroot and a thumb size of ginger. I love it do much that I have stopped trying new flavours! I just LOVE it!!!!!! Try's yum! Ps I love your home grown carrot, fair effort. Someone put a photo on facebook of one they looked like a piece of string and was about 5 cm long lol!!!

  2. that carrot is fantastic!
    I don't really do the juice thing...but I got rejected giving blood cause my hemagloban was low and the thought of trying your spinach drinks did cross my mind...mine would have to focus on berries though!


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