Can't find your shoes?

Check under your desk.

And that's how the routine goes most days.

"Where are my..."

"Under your desk."

Yeah.  You know that conversation that women have when they talk about how their husbands/partners leave stuff everywhere?  I sit there in shame because my husband could have that conversation about me.

I leave stuff everywhere.  But today is Saturday, international day of housework and I'm a big grown up 30 year old now so I'm going to clean it all up.  And keep it clean.

Until it's more convenient to leave it right where it is.

Because after all -  I always know where my shoes are.  Under my desk.

Anyone else got The Shame right now? Huh??!


  1. There is an international day of housework!? I did not know that. Cute shoes! :) Good luck with keeping it clean x

  2. I have that shame often! I love it when our house is tidy and clean, but it never seems to stay that way for very long. I asked my darling husband to help me tidy up the kids toys in the lounge room this evening and he got all depressed about how messy the house is 'all the time!' It looks much better now, but sometimes I think he has no idea what it would look like if I did absolutely nothing!! Anyway, enough of my whinging!! Your house always looks spotless!! Joel needs to come and clean here every now and then!! Take care, love T xo


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