The 'Big Brother'

Morgan is no longer the baby in the family.  And he's coping reasonably well as long as he gets to sit on my lap every now and then.  He's not too sure about the extra 'smells' Eleanora brings into the house but he's very gentle about investigating them.  He also has to check on her when she is squeaking in her cradle but he doesn't seem overly interested once he knows where it's coming from.  He does however think it's wonderful that I put such a nice soft rug right where the sun hits the floor in a room I now spend a lot of time so he continues to be my little shadow and company.

We still love you puppy.


  1. Oh that is a hilarious picture. So bitter sweet. ;)

    You look like you're in Heaven there with Eleanora.

  2. :) I showed Tim this photo of Morgan and he thought he was pretty cute and then he looks at me with a cheeky grin...we could get a dog next year! :)

  3. Beautiful serene photo rach. I love the room too...Is that the nursery?

  4. Do it Lauren! Get a spoodle. They're just the best. So friendly and very smart so easily trained. Yay for puppies!

    Anna - yes, this is her room. I love it!

  5. :) I think we will because they won't make me sneeze and carry on!

  6. I love this post. Excellent writing and photography (as usual!).



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