Raising Super Heroes

We've seen this pose around here before.  It's nice to think we are creating an environment that might breed super hero aspirations.  And it's exciting to imagine all the things that Eleanora might be do, be, achieve, become in her life.  Musician? Artist? Banker? Teacher? Aid Worker? Compassionate? Dreamer? Fiery? Relaxed? Cow girl? Mother? Sister? Friend? Studious? Sporty? Model? Mayor? Explorer? Class clown? Cape wearing Super Hero?

Wondering about her future makes me think of what Napoleon Bonaparte said of China:

Let her sleep, 
for when she wakes, 
she'll shake the world. 

Little One, I am excited to see how the world shakes when you wake up to who you are. You will be some kind of Super Hero! 


  1. Oh, she is so adorable!! xoxo

  2. Oops, forgot to sign my name :) Ali xo

  3. Rach she is beautiful, your heart must swell. Roelof suggested that we don't register Jax's birth as he may want to be a spy one day. Until I reminded him that meant no money from centerlink. Maybe he and your baby girl could team up ;)
    Huge blessings xxxx

  4. Mum said I used to do this a lot too...very relaxing and great for dreaming.
    I love you Eleanora. You are already a super girl...of course you are going to do awesome stuff when you get big! It's in your genes.


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