2 Months Old Today

Images takes this afternoon.

Really? Already? She has changed so much in such a short time.  She now weighs 5.5 kilograms and is 58 centimetres long.  She grins, 'talks', follows us with her eyes, listens to us, holds her head up and looks around at the world.  It really is incredible to watch her grow physically, behaviourally, developmentally (etc) every single day.  Not only is she growing and changing but we are too.  Our lives, mine especially, have been turned on their heads.

No longer do I have hours to spend doing what I like.  No longer can I use 20 spare minutes to duck into town.  There is no more 'ducking' anywhere.  It's the hardest gig I've ever had.  She is eating and sleeping well (for the most part) and yet it's tough.  I think the thing I am finding most difficult is learning how to but my own wants second to her needs.

We are inherently self centred beings and letting go of that is hard.  But this precious little face, who makes me tear up with joy as much as frustration, she is worth it.  So, completely worth giving everything else up.

I love you beautiful girl.  You make my heart fuller than I knew it could be.

{And for the record, her Aunty really is pretty cute too!}


  1. It goes so fast doesn't it? Sure, it's hard but it's amazing. Keep going, I'm sure you're doing a great job!

  2. She looks so yummy--what a doll! I can hardly wait for the upcoming arrival of my 4th--he's due in the beginning of September (7 weeks away). Enjoy these moments when she stays in one place when you put her down--they will be gone all too soon and a whole new world of fun will begin!
    The first few months are always hard but you'll make it! :)

  3. We love that cheeky face and you are doing a great job - just look how happy and healthy she is. I study every precious photo. Give her lots of cuddles and tell her how much I love her, and you ...Mum


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