Sunday Lunch

 I have to confess that I never thought I'd take photos of myself, or consent to having photos taken of me, while breast feeding let alone post them on the internet.  Yet here we are - my daughter and I sharing this wonderful time together doing something that only she and I can.

This is such a special gift that I can give her and such precious memories I am making.  I am more than happy to capture these moments so I can remember this time forever. It's also good for me to focus on the easy feeds because there are some that are memorable for less than lovely reasons but let's dwell on these happier ones instead...

(Headband from her her Nana Rose and top from her Nannie Annie.  We tried for a photo of the whole outfit but lunch was far more important.)


  1. Beautiful Rach!! Lovely idea to capture these moments. It's been such a big part of my life with my children and I have very few photos :( So glad you're loving the special times. She's a very blessed baby to have you as her Mummy! Love you all! Luv T xoxo

  2. I love this photo. Her little face and posture is so cute. I have quite a few photos but most of them are not for public viewing and very very poor quality in low light...but I know one day I will look back on them and remember a very tiring but rewarding time of my life.

  3. I never understood this until Emmaus as I had a wretched time with T-man right up until 13.5 months. Now I just love these moments and especially love watching his little eyes gazing off into nowhere or searching for my face or rolling back into his head...haha....So, so precious. Enjoy. xoxox


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