The Teddy Bear Take Over

Eleanora is not quite 3 months old and yet, with the help of our old teddies, the giant basket we bought for her soft toys is already well and truly overflowing.  The pile easily reaches as far above the basket as the basket is tall. And I am stuck for ideas on what to do with them all.  I'm not ready to get rid of any yet so that's not an option but they are taking over!

I have searched for storage options and so far this is what I've discovered people doing and the reasons I'm not thrilled with it:

  • velcro strips stuck on the wall and then softies stuck on the velcro - No.  For so many reasons.
  • drawers under beds - not enough room under the cot for that
  • big baskets - currently doing it and not finding it enough
  • garlands of toys strung up - I've seen this, had one in fact when I was little and the toys rarely stayed there long.  PLus they're too much on display for my liking.
  • that ikea hanging tube thing with the holes - same deal as the garland, they're not going to stay there long and kind of ugly
  • The Zoo: a cage type box for all the softies - big and ugly. 
  • and the beanbags filled with soft toys.  The kids can sit on it and the toys are hidden away.  Now this one I like.  Except.  EXCEPT. Sitting on the teddies? Knowing their little faces and bodies are squashed up in there? With no hole to breath through?  No.  It wont do. 
So what will?  Any more ideas?  What do you do with all the softies in your house? 


  1. Had the same problem Rachel. Has taken until 17 months and a handful sit on her fold out couch and the rest on big pillows in her reading corner, which is good because they are out but only seen when you crawl into the reading corner. x Erin K

  2. Maybe you need to put a couple of shelves up high and have them sitting on the shelf in her room? I wanted that for our place but we didnt want to put up the shelves permanently. But I think that looks the sweetest. Most soft toys don't get played with anyway. Most of ours live in a plastic pink tub and rarely get played with. I also have a wooden chest that is half full of them. Good luck. I did notice the huge basket of them in one photo you put up...and did think WOW Eleanora is pretty little still, but she has a giant stash of teddies!!!