A Year Ago

On August the 30th 2011 we spent our first full day in New Zealand.
On August the 30th 2012 we booked a camper van for our second trip to New Zealand.

On September the 2nd 2011 Joel took a photo of me by Lake Wakatipu
            with a tiny little person starting to grow inside me.
On September the 3rd 2012 Joel took a photo of me with our beautiful little person in her bedroom.
                (We got carried away with Father's day activities and unfortunately didn't take a single photo yesterday)

On September the 3rd 2011 we took a boat tour around Mitre Peak and Doubtful Sound.
On September the 3rd 2012 I took my little girl to see her first movie at the cinema.

What were you doing this time a year ago?


  1. You both look so beautiful in these photos - it brings joy to my heart just to look at them!! love you bot so much
    PS great job of photography Joel!

  2. So proud to be your husband my love! I have enjoyed our adventures so far and I hope we have many more. I'm sure Eleanora would love to come with on some of them. My cutie and my beauty! ;)


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