Tragic Dilema

I'm having a slight meltdown over here.  Photoshop has decided to do a complete bunk on me and it's breaking my heart.  Some of you will get that. Others will think I'm overreacting.  I'm not.

I'm too worked up to even try and fix it so dear wonderful Joel is battling through tutorials to try and fix it.   It is said, by the photoshop gurus, that it can be done.  Please let that be true.

The alternative is to upgrade.  I'm still on CS3 so an upgrade to CS6 wouldn't be unreasonable.



The three options to purchase it are: super expensive for business, expensive for home and small business, and cheap for students and educators.  Obviously I'm not a business or a student or educator so I should buy the middle of the road license for home and small business use.  But it's $1000 we don't really have right now. Who has $1000 lying around?!

The dilemma is this: we have educators and students in our immediate family who could buy it for me with my money so the license would be under their name.  But somehow that doesn't sit right with me.  I need to think about that option more because I don't like doing dodgy things and I'm not sure if that is or not...  thoughts?

In the meantime, for my mum and anyone else who doesn't follow me on Instagram, here's a few shots from the last few weeks to keep you going.  All taken and edited with my iPhone.

addicted to bows
family selfies

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  1. I see what you mean about the glasses being similar :)

    I also see what you mean about not feeling right about having a family member buy for you...God honours integrity, so I'm praying He will provide the $1000!!


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