A long time ago

It was Christmas.  I had some dear friends stay.  Our little girls had matching outfits that my mum made for them.  They were best of friends like their mums.  I took some pictures.

And now... I have the means of sharing them with you again.  This week we welcomed Adobe CS6 into our lives.  So much rejoicing.  You can see all of the pictures I took on my trusty Nikon D60 over the last few months.  Well some anyway.  

Also welcomed into our life this week is The Precious.  My very own Nikon D600.  I literally worked my butt off for this camera.  I lost 17kgs.  I have a few to shed again since having Nora but I got there once I can get there again. More about that all when I finally get the hang of it and share some shots.  For now, here are some pictures from Christmas day.

{p.s. updated program means updating my work flow so i'm working out best resolution etc for blog pics.   Any recommendations?}


  1. oh my word...I didn't think it could get any cuter and then I saw Nora's ruffle on her bot bot! Looking forward to seeing some more of your piccies! oh and what great timing you get to play with your new toys on your birthday! yey! xx

  2. Oh She looks so CUTE!!! Thank you, thank you , thank you ... I love these photos ....and I love our dear little girl. and our very grown up clever girl. So obvious I'm a doting Nannie and Mum!


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