The Secret Princess Circle

Once there was a little girl with so many animals that she didn't know what she would ever do with them all.  
She looked after them all very well giving them food and water and checking them for any hurts.
One day another princess came along and offered to help look after all these animals that they weren't sure what do to with.  As the new princess was making sure the donkey's eyes were ok she had an idea.  
"What if we got them all to line up in a circle around us?  Then we could look after them while they are protecting us in the middle!"
So the princesses carefully ushered the animals into a big circle all around them.  The tiger lay down next to the donkey.  And the puppy kept the koala company.  All the animals were friends and they loved the princesses who took such good care of them so they were happy to make a circle to protect them from mummies. 
The princesses loved being in their circle.  They shared stories and secrets.
They kept looking after their animals of course.
And everyone was happy and full of joy.
The Princesses loved each other very much and might have even made a secret pact to best friends forever.
We will never know.  
Because only the Princesses are allowed in the circle protected by the animals. 


  1. Love! That made me happy. Sweet girls and pictures.

  2. You should make that into a little photo book for the both of them. That was really sweet :)


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