Are times really so desperate that I need to blog about toothpaste? Am I really that strapped for inspiration? No.  Not really.  Time is more of an issue than topics.  As in, if I have time, I use it for other things.

Hope you haven't missed my shining examples of literature too much.

Any who.  Go buy yourself some of this toothpaste and experience a whole new level of niceness at teeth brushing time.  Not only is it delicious and refreshing in a non minty way it's super good for you too.  It doesn't have any of the scaries that regular toothpaste has, it owned and made by Australians, it's vegan, it's kosher it's organic and did I mention delicious? Don't eat it.

Is it effective?  Well, we've only be using this flavour for a month or two but we've been using Grants for a few years and, combined with a good diet, our last trip to the dentist resulted in pats on the back from everyone.  Not a single filling required, not even a routine cleaning needed.  In fact we were told we wouldn't need to come back for a few years.   So yes, I'm going to say it does the job.

Change things up a bit at teeth time and skip the mint for a bit.

List of Ingredients if you're interested. 

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