Playgroup Breakup

This year I started up a new playgroup at church.  I have a few girlfriends with little people and my mums group was struggling to find places that were easy to catch up with increasingly active toddlers so I commandeered our church hall, some assistance and a Facebook page and kicked off midyear.  We had a rocky start but after a few changes we hit our stride.  

Over the past few months we've had 23 kids come to check our group out and around half of those have become regulars.  We meet every second Monday and usually have a bit of a theme or special activity for the mums and kids to look forward to.  There has been a spring craft day, play dough, dance party, cubby house day and this week for our breakup we decorated ginger bread biscuits.  

It's been a bit of work but now that it's over until February I think I'm looking forward to it starting up again!  Enjoy the cuteness.  

Happy Christmas from the Sweeties at Saint Peter's Playgroup. 

If you have any ideas for activities please share them with me! 

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  1. Good on you Rachel! Playgroup is invaluable - for Mums and little ones alike! An excellent ministry. xx Shae.


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