A Clean Cut

As I said: it's a time for trying new things. And not all new experiences turn out to be something you want to keep doing. Being married is a new experience that I definately want to keep doing. Being a Body Shop at Home consultant was not. I sent my resignation letter in yesterday and am very relieved to have done so. I was a consultant for a grand total of 10 weeks - more than enough time for me to discover Body Butter and product selection forms are better left to someone else. To be fair to the company - they're great. As in all good break ups though -it's not you, it's me.

I have learnt these things:

  • I have more than I need - I might not have everything that I want - a new pair of jeans for example! but everything I need for a very comfortable standard of living I have.
  • I am very honest (my husband translates this as blunt!). I can not, in good conscience, convince you that you need something that I really don't think you need. No one needs to spend $18 on a bottle of shampoo if they're happy with their $4 variety! And you certainly don't need the scrub, moisturising cream, body butter and dry mist oil! As nice as you might feel I'd prefer it if you saved yourself $50 and spent the afternoon with your family.
  • Which leads me to my next thing: I'd rather wear my old pants with the rip in them and have my friends over for a BBQ than work at night to earn just enough $$ to buy a replacement pair of pants. People over possesions any day. And I guess that since my husband is training to be a Pastor this is a very good thing!

I have no regrets for trying. And I have no regrets for resigning. I have a little more knowledge about myself, a little more love for my supportive husband, a little more understanding about what drives some people and a whole lot of Body Shop products I don't need!

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