All I'm going to say is this...

sometimes it takes every last ounce of energy and selfcontrol to not yell/scream/cry and tell people what you really think.... and when I can't hold it any longer.... Distract me!


  1. Hey Lach,
    How are you? I have finished uni for the year! Yey!! I had my one and only exam today on Music and now it is holiays from now on. Well I will be working most days but no assignments to do except the ones I set myself. I might start making a space tomorrow, we will see! Hope you are well and happy, love yoy heaps.
    Love the Bean
    ps. the link to ellie's blog doesn't work - you spelt lambert wrong. Just letting you know :)

  2. yeah i tried doing the link too

    one of those days hey lovely...

  3. all fixed! weird huh? the link on the side worked though...

    Yay for finishing your first year Bean! Well done!


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