Cricket & Music - an unlikely combination

Feeling well rested today and better able to cope with the world in general. But instead of doing some of the work that's giving me a headache I'm going with the year 8 girls cricket team to an all day carnival... Go Endeavour! (I don't know the first thing about scoring cricket and I think that's going to be my job! Yikes!!) A day of of campus work will do me the world of good I think - and the other staff member is a girl I share an office with and we get along great so we'll have a blast even if no-one else does!

On another note completely: I must share with you this band that I discovered last week. Okay, so I didn't discover them for the world, just myself. I found there CD in my local library and have been Loving It (yes, capital letters!). So check out their site, listen to some tracks in the music section (no.2 from 'Why should the fire die?" is my current favourite) and experience Nickel Creek for yourself! (no relation to Nickel Back!)

Happy grooving!

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  1. Hey Girl!

    Yes, I like the drums. Really melodic and cruisy kind of music.

    It's so funny to think that you enjoyed a cricket match - this from the girl who HATES ALL SPORTS!

    Have a lovely day and may our Lord fill your life with joy with unexpected things.



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