Our Bead Club Baby

At my school I run Bead Club. We're a group of gals (and the occasional lad!) who love to make jewellery out of beads. We meet every wednesday lunch time at the moment. The girls make some really fabulous stuff - they're very creative! I started Bead Club just over twelve months ago with a good friend of mine who also works here at school. We talked about it for three terms then decided to just do it. And then she got pregnant! Yeah! So not only did we have high school girls and two staff members in our club but we also had an unborn baby. And we knew the baby was a girl - little Clementine Kate. And now she is 8 weeks old and very gorgeous.

Of course since she has been a member of Bead Club for so long we felt she needed to have some beads... and jewellery isn't quite age appropriate... so for the past few weeks we have been working on this:

A mobile for her to look at, be entertained by and later be inspired by! Well done girls! You have done a beautiful job! I think the words 'this is the best present' were used! Take a look at this! (and maybe later I'll post some of the jewellery they have made...)

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