Green Gold/Red Blue

Happy Australia Day!

This is kind of like the American Thanksgiving day I guess. So a leaf from the Star Spangled book:

I love Australia Because:

It's big - It takes days to cross it from one side to the other, top to bottom - and you still only cross maybe three state borders so you never feel too far from home. Plus we have the big banana, big pineapple, big lobster, big windmill, big rock, big koala, big mosquitoe, big apple, big hat, big flower, big sheep and the big barrumundi to name a few.

It's diverse - we have desert, rainforrest, beaches, lakes, mountains, plains, reef, floods, drought, snow, hurricane's, greeks, italians, jews, indians, germans, irish, dutch, sudanese, welsh, aboriginals (and that's just at my school!), big cities, tiny towns, small cities and towns underground(still haven't seen that!)

It's eccentric! - Have you met an Aussie?!! Where else is it so much a given that all children are told the story of drop bears before their first school camp?

It's people are heroic - example - this weeks big story is about the man who got half swallowed by a great white shark then poked its eyes so it would let him go - he's out of hospital already i think!

It's ultimo friendly (mostly!) - People smile, wave, yell across the street to each other, greet each other with curtousy, find any excuse for a get together, share food, give unending wine samples and nearly always stop on the freeway if you are broken down.

It's unique - sure we're only 219 or so years old - we have our own character as a nation - one which has been inspired by years of hardship, growing together, sticking together, joys, unimaginable saddness and the guiding hand of our Lord in all things.

We are a nation of people passionate for life and I am proud to be an Aussie.

God has blessed this land and it's people.

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!


  1. Happy Aussie Day!!! I know, I'm a day late but none the less sincere!! Yay!! I did it, I have a blog!!!!!! Hope to hear from you soon love Lyn xo

  2. What a great blog! I love it. Just one thing though... Isn't our country technically only 219 not 2019 years old?!?
    I hope you had a great day celebrating our superb country.
    How exciting that our Lynnie has a blog - so advanced! Hehehe!
    Love ya.

  3. yes... you are correct! I will rectify that immediately!

    Lyn! You have blog! How easy was that! Now you need to write something so we can comment!


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