A Week of Bean

My little (lithe, lanky & taller than me but still younger) sister came to stay. And the letters on the fridge proclaimed our sentiments all week - joy to the world, hannah is here. I'm sure she wrote that herself - but still, it's nice to know she loved being her just as much as we loved having her.

Highlights of her trip include - watching too much tv, going to the central markets and buying more than we could really carry, discovering so much more of the Adelaide museum than we knew existed, NO trip to supermarkets to buy spearmint lollies (the main event of her previous pre-wedding trip), meeting the new kitten on the block, spying on people out out window (don't be freaked out- it's just interesting ok!), cutting hair in the kitchen while singing and dancing to Take That (oh yeah!), drinking a bottle of Moscato (most of it was me - you'll learn to drink more as you drink more Han!), dancing to the credit music of movies, having a foot spa, visiting Ikea and being corrupted by Joel and Adam. Oh, and getting cheater's hand!

We had so much fun with you Han. Our house seems empty without you. Although Adam has moved straight into your room and taken over. Now I can't even get in there! We'll miss you Bean. Come again soon! And maybe then you'll sign our visitors book!


  1. I know those days...I've had a week of them! (Maybe I just missed The Han!!!) I'm glad you guys had a great time. It's definately my turn for a visit later in the year.

    I'm not sure if Lynnie has a blog or not - I couldn't get on to it if she does.
    I love your idea for you-know-who's special occasion!

    Love ya.

  2. Hey Rach! No I don't have a blog site, don't know how to set one up!! But I can make comments because I have a google e-mail address as well as my optus one!!! I know it's weird, I don't use it for e-mailing. Great to read what's happening in your life, I can't believe a year has gone already! Look forward to reading more, love Lyn xoxo

  3. hey Lyn! Setting up a blog is easy. when you're in my blog click on the orange 'B' in the top left hand corner (next to the search all blogs bit). When you're on the next page follow the directions (in the botom right hand corner)and you'll have your own blog we can check on! And since you already have a google account it will be super easy! It'll take you 10 minutes at the most.

    glad to see you here!


    Jes - come visit too!!

  4. Hey Lach! I had a great time with you! I miss you lots and lots- you too Joel. Glad to spend precious times with you. Can't wait until next time. Love you xoxo


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