23 today!!

At the risk of getting in serious trouble.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JES!!
Have a wonderfully blessed day today and be glad that your legs have gotten a bit more shape to them over the years!
I love you!


  1. I DID love you too! That is, before you posted THAT for the world to see... c'mon, there are so many other, much more cute photos I would've been happy to show people! Thanks anyway - I am back at work today but am still awaitinf blood test results - trying not to think about that.
    Wish you were here. Our family has a big hole without you here - especially at birthdays.

    Yes, I still love you - JUST.

    (A catapillar? Ecccchhhh!!)

  2. of course you still love me! What's a birthday without being a little bit embarrassed!!! Let me know as soon as you get the test results. (and to make you feel better - did you see me in the yellow dress on here?! and Joel?!!)

    Love Jes!

    Happy Birthday!


  3. your blog is looking wicked!
    and jes what a photo! i love it! the other ones...the one of you and joel and the one of joel for his birthday is sweet!

    nice work lady...

    aggh and not going to make it thursday i'll be on hindmarsh island with the year 8's! i'll hope to make it next time!
    hugs xx

  4. Where did you get that photo?? I don't remember ever seeing it bfore! Happy Bithday Jes!!! You are one cute girl, love you, you too Rach xoxo


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