Christmas Photo's

I know it has taken me a very long time to get around to this - but here, at last, are a few brief snapshots of a Richter Christmas! Jes and I making the worlds yummiest cob loaf dip (Jes, can you email me the recipe - please?!). Note the gorgeous aprons!

Chaman, Altaf, Daddy and Joel enjoying the Midori frozen slushies I made them. I quality tested each batch so really didn't need my own by the time I was done - but had one anyway! The Richter clan - as it expands! Top Row: Joel, Chaman and Dad. On the couch: Me, Hannah and Jes. On the floor: Mum!An obligatory photo every year - all the 'kids' on the floor under the wrapping paper and any large gifts (Chaman's quilt!)
Mum had this great idea that for lunch we should all get dressed in 'finery'. That is - our greatest and most ridiculous op shop outfit. Joel and I went all out. (not sure what he's doing in this photo!) I still don't believe anyone other than mum really tried to look as aweful as we did. I couldn't move in that dress the sleeves were so tight! The evening saw us in a game of trivial pursuit. Dad won in about three rounds. I think we shouldn't let him play with us anymore!
The crazy thing here is that they are actually both asleep!Chaman isn't asleep (see that smile?!) Jes isn't either but she's had years of pretending to sleep and is very good at it!
A great end to a great day!
Christmas - love it! Love the Lord!
Thanks family - you are the best gift a girl could ever have for Christmas!


  1. Great photos Rach!! Lovely to see some of your family Christmas, what is it with your Mum and dressing up? love Lyn xo

  2. I don't know! I think she just loves it! It is good fun though and we all love it too - adds a whole different element to an occass ion when you have to wear a costume!

  3. Yeah, I guess that's right. I relly like the sound of those frozen midori slushies!!! I don't mind the old midori occassionally! xo

  4. I remember that your house was the first place I ever had midori! you and mum were drinking it with lemonade and i had a 'sip' which turned out to be about half of the glass!!

  5. Rach... I was SO sleeping haha. That was a great Christmas hey. it was so nice to have an even number of boys and girls for a change!

  6. Wow Rach, I didn't remember that!!! Do you remember that our house was the first place you ever had a sleepover? I guess you don't seeing you were only 1 year old xoxo


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