Dessert!! Twice

and before i get overloaded with sugar just have to say how excited i am about having had the forethough to make port wine flavoured jelly for dinner having forgetton completly that I'm going out to a chocloate fondue night with my girl friends! Ahh!! too much. SO wonderfull!


  1. MMMM, I know what you mean - what with Valentines day and my birthday I have quite a little selection of sugary treats just waiting to be devoured!

    I LOVED the card you made me (especially the little 'tag' at the back) You are so clever Lach!

    Going to see Maria today to get the test results. Hopefully all is well. It's a good excuse to leave work early regardless!

    So... no 'bun' in the oven? No 'teabag' in the mug? No 'photo' in the dark room? No 'icetray' in the freezer? No 'seed' in the melon? No 'spanner' in the works? No 'baby' in the womb?!

    haha - I am so funny. You know it.

  2. they are the funniest things ever!!!

    and the answer is still no!

    glad you liked the card!

    can you please take a picture of it and email it me. I'm trying to keep a photo record of all the things i make and forgot to take a pic of your card. Ta!

    Oh!!! the fondue was good!!

    Please let me know about your test results.

    I love you little sister! (can't quite believe you're 23! I got married at 23....)



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