Lakes Entrance

I know that it's been a long while in the making but here at last, for your viewing pleasure, are photo's (and comments!) of my first holiday with my husbands extended family - an experience like no other I've had in my life to date!

The crew! Well, most of them anyway. If all were here we'd have (and at one point we nearly did have all!): one mother in law, one father in law, one brother in law, one sister in law, one sister in laws boy friend. One Opa, one Opa's wife, 3 uncles, 3 aunties, 6 cousins. Not to mention a number of other ring ins like myself - boy friends, friends, boyfriends sisters and friends...

My family holidays always consisted, at most, of Dad, Mum, me and two sisters. This was something else! It took a while to get used to but when I got used to the idea that it really was just something completely different - it was good fun! And they're all such lovely and welcoming people that after I got over my own shyness I had lots of good chats! Thanks Becker's! I felt like a part of the family!
Joel's brother had built this boat at home... it was the favourite toy for a while until the got sick of fixing it! Spot my sexy hubby second from the left!
A highlight of the holiday was finding grape that looked like... well you know what it looks like!!
Community Spaghetti bolognase! thanks girls!
Go Brit!! Beach cricket just before the injury occurred... I even got up out of my cosy sun safe tent (i get paranoid ok?!) and had a bat. Hit a few big ones too!!The injury. Poor darling came out of the water with blood running down his face and looking a bit dazed. He, quite literally, face planted the sand - big waves, very rough. I couldn't believe he was even in there. Oh well, he's better now!
Last morning breakfast cook up. Well, second last morning really because on the last morning everyone was going crazy packing up. all tents and equipment you see in this picture belongs to the Becker clan.
And this was the other toy... hmmm. I wont say much. I wasn't that interested! I just read and chatted!

And that's a very brief over view of a very new experience for me!


  1. Hey Rach,

    Thanks for the message this morning. Yeah - I have been a bit worried. On Wednesday night I couldn't sleep at all until 5am (on the couch) because of the pain in my chest and I was having terrible nightmares every time I closed my eyes. I asked if I could sleep with mum it was that bad! Anyway - the results were fine - my blood is good but she isn't convinced I AM! I am feeling a bit better today... probably high on Nurofen +! I took the morning off yesterday but I'm still working.

    Anyway - I liked the pics of Lake Entrance. Did they cook spag bol on the BBQ!?!

    I'm not buying credit for a while -I think optus is ripping me off. Grrr.

    Love ya lots and thanks for your concern and prayers.

  2. Hey Rach, great photos, sounds like you all had a good time. I must say that camping is not my idea of fun, but that's just me! love Lyn xo

  3. yo!
    i got the invite...and i have a stupid meeting...which i have decided i'll go to after i have enjoyed some cake at your house!
    my boofday is...15th march!i have to work out what i'd like to do...perhaps a celebration of the last night of being 22!

  4. brilliant!

    Eveyr birthday should be celebrated some how! Another year is always an achievement!

    psyched that you can come!

  5. Hey Lach...
    Hope you're good. Just wondering -How do I make a pretty header for my blog? Where do I add it? Thought it would be much quicker to ask you than trying to do it myself!


  6. I made mine for myself. And Joel's except he changed it! I used photoshop. You have to have it on the net somewhere (post it on your blog then open it up in its own window so it's huge) then on the page were you edit your layout click add element at the top, add picture and enter the web address from the big picture you opened up. make sure you click shrink to fit. And there you should have it!

    Are you good with photoshop? want me to make you one?


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