For Jes

You said you wanted a blog banner - what do you think of this one? It's all yours if you want to use it. I wrote instructions on how to put it up after your question but basically you click on the above picture, copy the web address for the big version (important!) then in your template add a picture element at the top and insert the address for your picture! (and click 'shrink to fit'!)make sure you delete the other heading or it looks funny. if you have troubles with that let me know. It should fit perfectly!! And if the link says invalid copy it to your computer and then insert it from there. Or just do that! let me know how you go! Happy beautification of your blog! love you!
Every one else - i can make banners for non family members too but charge a little fee for the few hours it takes me to make. Han - if you had a blog spot i'd make you one too!


  1. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP! The header is beautiful - thank you! The problem is that I can't add it as a header - as a footer - yes! as a new page element -YES! but I can't get it as a header because I'm not given the option to ass a new page element there (only to "edit")
    Do you know what I can do???

  2. i'll see what i can work out. glad you like it! xo

  3. Go this site and follow the instructins carefully and you should be able to do it!

  4. I DID IT! Yay!!!!!! Frustration is over for the day! I had to change codes and stuff - how very technical - just for a pretty picture!

    Thanks heaps for your help. Wouldn't be without you... would you?!


  5. i wouldn't!

    it looks great!

    Do you love it?

  6. If i had a bolg i would have you design the header Rach. But i'm not sure about this blog thing. It is the latest craze among many of my friends, but i don't want to rush in. I did that with the mullet back in the 80's and it didn't turn out so well. Two years ago i resisted the push to get a palm pilot and have survived ok without one. Maybe when i go on vicarage, then i can have a blog and keep people informed about my daily pastoral (and other) adventures.

    Grace and peace my beautiful friend

    xo adi


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