I (really do) know Joshua Smith

Precious and most favourite ever house mate of two years took me out to dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday. Afterwards we went to the opening exhibition of one of his friends - Joshua Smith. Josh is exhibiting his most recent stencil art as part of the 2007 Fringe festival. And Adam took the photo's that he used. Most canvases he uses 4 or 5 layers. On one he has used 16! He hand cuts all the stencil pieces out (the man is going to get arthritis!) and uses specialised spray cans. And while it's not in the most glamorous room ever, with as many tibutes to Coopers as actual works of art, it is truly fantastic stuff. (Flyer & info). Definitely worth a look.

I felt a bit like i was in the inner circle of artistry for the evening - being the photographers sidekick! My main role being to look good - which as Adam will assure you, I did with such ease I was also able to fill the role of comedian! Adam and I always have such sillyness and fun together that poor husband usually just leaves us to it, if he doesn't try and seperate us first!! Some friends just know you and bring out parts of you that otherwise lay dormant, or can only be entised out with a glass of spatlese lexia. And some house mates just move into your life and heart as well as your appartment. Well, life would be a whole vector layer less with out you Spadam! xo

Looking forward to more Fringe events in 2007! And many more "now FIGHTS!!".

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