Happy Lappy

Lappy is back! It (was going to give a gender but felt too silly) has been in Lappy Hospital for a week now and boy am I glad to be reunited. There has been file back up, deleting and rebuilding happening and now Lappy runs fast and smooth and just like the good old days!

Good Lappy. (Good IT guys!) Welcome back! I'm glad you're better!


  1. Hey Rach, glad to hear "Lappy" is better, I may yet inherit a Lappy of my own, Karen is getting a new one through school and said I can have her old one!!! Not sure yet if that is a good move or not, time will tell, love, Lyn xo

  2. Took me a while to figure out who Lappy was. Thought "it" sounded like a dog! Silly Jes.

    Love you.


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