Random Ramblings and Lesson Learnt

Today I have had 4 hours of discussing (I'm being generous with that word - we mostly listened) the topic :Living in the Spirit. That's the Holy Spirit, not hard liquor. The topic in itself was pretty interesting and definitely good to hear. I did feel that the first hour and a half could've been said in about 20 minutes though. Oh well. During the second half of our lecture we had more discussion and interaction because we were looking at spiritual gifts and spiritual warfare. Good stuff! I really enjoy the topics that have practical applications. I'm learning this about myself this week: I like action. I like to be productive.

In the past week I have had two seperate professionals (one in the MD profession and one from the massage profession) tell me I am wrecking my body because i'm too stressed, to highly strung. I need to find ways to relax, wind down, get unstrung. So, I'm having a good hard look at myself and they things I'm doing. I'm trying to chill out before I burn out. I have to look after myself now before my body is so out of whack that it can't be fixed by choices. Here's to learning how to have moment and watching myself become a more relaxed person......hmmmm


  1. good to hear you're learning to de-stress (is that a word or did I just make it up?) we all need to stop and smell the roses, except seeing I can't smell it is a tad difficult ha ha !!! xoxo

  2. Rachy, I hope you had a wonderful Easter celebrating the most wonderful gift of Jesus.
    I totally empathise with you and your stressed body. The doctor said that my chest pain is probably stress-induced. While we can't simply pack up and go on a holiday whenever we need to - maybe we need to find some relaxing hobbies and plenty of "me" time. Sometimes life just isn't as user-friendly as we wished it would be! I love you lots and hope that you can find some time to simply - BE.


    (How funny is Lyn!?!)

  3. Lyn you are funny!

    the relaxing is going ok........ hmmmmmmmmm!!

    love you!

  4. you girls!!! just as Jesus needed to go to a quiet place and spend time with his Father, so we all need to do likewise, in our human-ness we often have a struggle to do that. I pray you will both be able to take time out and feed your souls and bask in the perfect love of our heavenly Father, may he bless you in your doing just that, love always, Lyn xoxo


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