Reflection on today

There's nothing like lots of compliments about how great you look in your new dress to make a girl feel on top of the world! Thanks for the dress mum! I did give you all the credit for it and even had one lady say can she put an order in!

And now I'm on my beautiful quilt on my gorgeous bed in my heavenly room with the doors open and the sun sneaking in through the trees which are just starting to show their autumn colours. A soft breeze is drifting through bring fresh smells of the season and the neighbours cooking. And for the first time in days I feel no pain of a migraine.

Today is wonderful.

I have peace that passes all understanding. I don't have understanding about many things I'd like to have understanding about but for today I feel the peace that is always mine. Today I know the peace that Christ died to give me. Peace that I am reconciled to my Father.

May the Lord's Peace be with you today too.


  1. Hey Poppy, sounds beautiful to me. It is so nice to hear you are enjoying yourself and content with things. God has been good to us hasn't he.

    P.S. You do look lovely in your dress!

  2. Hey Rach, good to hear from you again, thought you must have gone into hibernation!! Would love to see you in your new dress, can you put a photo on your blog? God's blessings to you as we enter the week of Jesus' passion, love, Lyn xo

  3. Hi Lynnie!

    I will wear my new dress on easter day (providing the weather is ok!) and make sure Joel snaps a pic of me! I'l post it for you then!

    I hope you are well!


  4. G'day Rach,
    I look forward to seeing you in your new dress and i'm glad the migraine has gone.

    I should be studying for my exam, but exam shmam. The weather is too nice to be sitting inside reading about some Hutter (said hooter) bloke going on about some theological thing. I'm going for a walk to enjoy my favourite time of the year, autumn.

    xo Adrian


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