The Preacher is Mine!

My husband is preacher! And he did so well!!

He preached his first sermon in our church this morning (he as already preached for dad in QLD). Wow. He's good. I was so proud of him....

And he makes an alb and clerical shirt look very nice ;)

He's going to be a pastor.....!!!!!!

It's slowly sinking in. I couldn't be more proud!


  1. Thanks Poppy,

    I really get a thrill out of preaching and i'm glad you appreciaed my sermon. If you like it it must be good.

    I love you my love,

  2. It's exciting that he's getting the hang of preaching. You will be a PW!!! Love you.

  3. No. 3 Catharine Court is a big fan of JC (Joel Cramer) and isn't surprised he looks good in an alb and clerical shirt- not to mention gives a good sermon. He'll make a good Pastor, and you a very fine Pastor's wife.


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