The Beauty of Order

For a while now I have been longing for order amongst me jewels. It's not that I have so many that I have no space for them. It's just that most of them are beaded necklaces that love to get tangled together in some type of bead melding that I don't appreciate. Last Monday, on another leg of our 'find the perfect couch' mission, Joel and I went to Freedom. There we found a number of things that took our fancy - ok, mine! One of those being a gorgeous frame with a velvet covered foam board inside it - to hang your jewellery on!! wow! Boy did I want! But, being a little bit of a scrooge and also not generally being capable of buying things I didn't set out to buy (a later, small purchase, being the reason for the qualifying 'generally'!) I left the store without it.

Skip to Saturday morning. Joel and I love to do all our cleaning in one fell swoop and Saturday mornings is it at out place. Joel attacks the carpets and the kitchen while I scrub the bathroom and wash our clothes. (Now that's a good man!!) It just so happens that this Saturday I couldn't walk past anything without cleaning it and in that process I found the following frame and the beginning of a very good idea!

It was sitting in a cupboard. I obviously didn't want it up any more (I bought it in High School to go with my 'sea theme' room). With a bit of imagination, a bit of hard sanding, some pretty fabric and a few wall pins I could have the solution to my problem.

A bit over an hour later...
A little bit of rustic charm in my bedroom today!
No more mess, no more tangled beads and one very proud and happy girl!!


  1. You're a clever cookie! I like. I think that I might even "borrow" your idea for my jewels because it looks so pretty. At the moment all my beads etc are spread out on my dressing table but it looks like a SHOP there are so many!
    Sorry I didn't tell you I moved...I have been crazy busy and emotionally drained!
    I can't wait for you to come again and you can have a sleep over in my new house!
    Anyway... Hello; I love you; You are CLEVER!


  2. they sure were the days, why does it seem so long ago? Love your jewellery board, I'm afraid I've got too many to fit on one, whoops! Love Lyn xo

  3. Very pretty Rach! And I love the cards you made. They're awesome! Very clever!


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