An Itty Bitty Boost

Today I was reminded again of the vast chasm between High School and Primary School. Michael, Intern Extraordinaire, and I drove up to Immanuel Luther Primary School in Gawler this morning to take chapel for them. Our theme was Love - based on 1 John 4:7-12. They rocked out! So much enthusiam and excitement we couldn't stop grinning! Completely loved the experience.

Our two personal highlights are as follows:

Michael - On interviewing the students "What is Love?" received this from a year one student... "I...ah... I love you." We've never seen these kids before! How cute!

Me: After sharing the message I walked over to my seat and missed what may be one of the loveliest things ever said to me. Lucky for me a teacher came and repeated the story to me afterwards. There was this little girl from reception sitting in the very front row on the floor who, as I left to sit down, called out to me "do you know, you're beautiful!" Oh! can I please take her home with me forever! And she was practically under neath me so her only view was pretty much up my nose! God bless her for showing me love in a very unexpected way today!

And thanks for listening to our message. We went to share Christ's message of love for us and his call to respond by loving each other were completely loved on ourselves - Praise God for little people who speak their minds and share your love recklessly.


  1. Hey Rach,
    Sounds like you and Michael had a blast at Gawler. Little kids are great and their honest view of the world helps keep our adult feet on the ground. One of my favourite books is 'Children's Letters to God.' It full of short observations of the world by kids who are too honest and naive to dress up into an adult explanation.

    I'm with you: long live reckless love!

    Love you, adi

  2. Hey Rach, Oh for child like faith!! It is truly beautiful to experience that unconditional love, praise God indeed, Love Lyn xo

  3. Me again, forgot to mention I made my 2nd batch of slice for KYB today, I'm giving out recipes all over the place, sure is a winner xo


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