The search for the perfect couch has continued... and proved fruitful! Yea ha! We have purchased a new lounge suite! oh yeah! So good! And you'll have to wait to see pictures because I have to wait to get it!

The end of the September they say. I have cynical, unnamed, friend who had a bad experience with furniture being late late late. I choose to ignore him and put a little bit of faith in the lovely girl who sold them to us!

I've already made four cushion covers! They too shall be revealed at the great unveiling! Stay tuned for the great question - "Did we get our couch today?"

Will give full credit to the person, other than my mum (who already knows!), who can guess what it's like!


  1. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and seeing my baby.
    Come visit again soon.

  2. my guess is hmmmmmmmm.....cream? Corduroy? Thatwould be MY guess!


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