On my wish list

This pair - so lovely. And these - lovely too!

How could a girl decide? Or afford? Got to have my dreams!


  1. personally, I like the tassels but the colour & pattern on the other pair, I guess that means neither pair would be my choice, love & blessings, Lyn xo

  2. G'day Rach,
    I knew it. Deep inside you are a cowgirl. Yeeha!! Well, i happen to be living in a country that has cowgirls and cowboys so i will keep my eyes open for a pair of boots. I have seen men wearing boots just like that to church. And they look ok with a suit.

    Watch out for saddle soreness on your holiday on the range.

    xo adi

  3. Hey Rach...
    GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! I love the movie The Other Sister!!!!!!! I can't believe you like it too! My mum used to always tell me to stop mimicking the lines because i was turning into that girl!!!!!!!! I used to watch it over and over again...so weird.
    In reply to your msg to me, i would still love to go out next Tuesday to the movies but Piccadilly shows Hairspray at 2.45pm and 9.15pm, Arndale shows it at 2.15pm and 7.00pm so I'd really have to rush to get to them...because i have to work at 4pm...probably Arndale would be better because i could rush to finish the movie and come home and have a quick shower and then we could leave asap? Let me know if this is ok...love A

  4. I mean, i could rush to finish work and we could go to the 7pm session at Arndale? Let me know xx hope your week has been great


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