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One of my very dear friends, Fin, is being ordained as a Lutheran Pastor in just under a month. It's taken 5 years of study but he's finally done. Last Friday was his 24th birthday AND the day he (and the rest of us) had to have any final assignments in. My gift to him was the above.

As Lutheran Pastor he will need a set of stoles (the fancy coloured bits that go over the white alb) - one for each of the main church seasons - Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Good Friday and the General one. He and I have been working for the past few months on designs.

This week I took the main design elements and created this artwork for him. (Click on it for a close look) The Christ figure is one taken from a drawing done by an artist in the congregation where Fin did his 9 months vicarage. I think Fin asked this guy to draw the centre figure so that he would have a part of the design come form his vicarage experience. He and I then discussed how he wanted to portray each church season, what themes he wanted to run through the set and what style he likes.

By way of explanation: The stoles will have a deep triangle down his back where each of the Christ figures will be. On the front on each side will identical copies of the cross.

We decided on a theme of light to carry through the stoles. Fire for Pentecost (the furthermost image - it also looks like a dove). The Sun for Easter (such rich reason for choosing a risen sun!). A Lighthouse for the general period in which much teaching about each of us being a light in the world occurs. And a Star for the Christmas season (it is also for lent/advent - which are times of preparation for the coming of the king in which we can follow the star to find him). The Celtic cross is in acknowledgement of Fin's Irish heritage. There is lots of rich meaning behind each image - this is just a very brief overview.

I'm very excited about seeing the final products - mostly because it's wonderful to see my designs completed but partly because it's been a long and slightly stressful project trying to find people to make the designs a reality.

Perhaps the highlight though has been in working with Fin, discovering more about him and his 'style' and having the confirmation of a stunned mouth hanging open when he saw the designs framed for the first time.

Thanks for the privilege Fin. It's been an honour working with you.

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