An unpleasant End

While walking along the Torrens River with Anna last night I felt like something had con into my eye. I blinked a little and pulled a few eyelashes out. It seemed to help a bit.

Soon after arriving home I had a show to cool down and get clean. WhenI stepped out of the shower I saw a tiny bit of black in the corner of my eye. As I had been wearing mascara during the I thought that must be what it was.

Much to my disgust it wasn't.

A tiny little black bug had been trapped in my eye. I imagine it was just as uncomfortable about the whole thing as I was. And I imagine that next time we go walking fdown there I'll wear my glasses like goggles.

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  1. I'm sorry you nearly went time, bug spray & sunnies...walking down the Torrens is a great wild adventure it seems!!! who says we don't have adventures???


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