New Life

Today I finished school for the year. So incredibly relieving that I can't even explain. I have had a very very difficult year at school and can't quite believe it's finally over. I was completely overwhelmed by the support and appreciation I was shown during our staff formalities today. Our Principal presented me with a huge (really!) box of chocolates and a very moving speech about all I've done. This isn't something that normally happens - I wan't being farewelled or amything - just acknowledged. My heart was greatly moved and I got quite teary when responding. I feel seen - my actions, my struggles, my efforts, my anger and frustrations. And because of that I feel empowered, enveloped, enlarged, appreciated, valued and loved.

Thank you Endeavour community for supporting me while I supported you. Now I am free to recover, re-energise and come back to the world with new life.

And here is a whole, completely new life! She was in my house today when I got home - my new little neighbour - Esther Lydia van der Hoek. Is she not just completely adorable?! She was born yesterday morning at 8:30am weighing 2.7kg - tiny! I think she's fantastic! We had a lovely long cuddle while her daddy chatted with Joel. I'm quite excited that we share a name (my middle name is Esther - for those few who don't already know that!) but i still might call her Pigeon - because that's about how much she weighs!

Welcome to the world little girl! I look forward to getting to know you!

(this is what I look like when i come home at the end of the term! sometimes i'm gorgeous - sometimes i'm not!)

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  1. Hey Rach,
    Nice to see you again.

    That is a beautiful little bundle in your arms.

    adi XO


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