I am - because of 2007

Those of you who know me well have a pretty good idea of what 2007 has been like for me. There's lots of stuff I don't include here - for a number of reasons - but mostly I'm a private person and don't like to share too much, of myself or the people around me, with the world.

What I can say is this - Some changes have been put in place, some discoveries made and some things finalised which will hopefully make 2008 much more productive, bareable and enjoyable than 2007 has been on a whole.

Because of 2007 I know these things about myself in a way that I never have before:

I am a woman of strength.
I am a woman of resilience.
I am a woman of resource.
I am a woman who is respected.
I am a woman who is supported.
I am a woman who is loved.
I am a woman who knows the value of time out.
I am a woman who knows the value of extra effort.
I am a woman who knows the value of being helped.
I am a woman who knows herself.
I am a woman who knows how to turn fear into courage.
I am a woman who knows that through Him all things are possible.


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  2. Rach,
    Thank you again for your friendship, it was really nice to come over the other night and knit with you and have a chocolate fondue...2 of my favourite things.
    You are always in my prayers,

  3. Thank you for this encouraging post. A telling nudge to some of us that there will always, always be something to be grateful for...no matter where we are in life!

    Seems like after a point, life is filled with struggles, altar moments, long lonely treks through the wilderness where you have nothing but His grace and His silence as well. This has been my journey too for sometime...still is in many ways. But we are blessed inspite of our sometimes painful unknowing walk. Your post was lantern to this truth. God bless. Thanks again.


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