In the market for a basket

Joel and I were discussing yesterday how each of us feels so much better when our spaces are clean and ordered. Joel can't stand things being left on the kitchen (a sin for which I am terribly guilty) and I freak out a bit at the thought of 'shoving things in cupboards'. As part of the discussion (ok, it really did begin a little bit fiery... but it was good and healthy and we understand each other much better now!) we walked around the house together and commented on the areas that frustrate us and how we can make them better and more effective. We immediately got rid of a few things and both felt much more possitive about the potential for our little house and the harmony of two very different people living together.

It turns out that Joel loves things to look clean and tidy and uncluttered bit isn't to fussed about where it goes. I can understand that - out of sight, out of mind right?

Well, I'm a bit of a organising, storage junky. I like boxes, bags, trays, dividers, racks, holders, rails, boards, baskets, shelving, jars, pots and containers. To me, it really matters where it goes.

Here's what's going through my head for one area:

At the moment I'm allocating a lot of brain time to coming up with the best system for my desk area and art supplies. I don't want lots of plasticy things. I don't want lots of clutter. I don't want everything hidden. I don't want everything on display. I don't want dark coloured things. And I don't want it to look commercial or common or contrived.

I want order. Artist, gentle, light, inspiring, natural order.

And I'm going to have to start somewhere.

Firstly I need something new for my paints - the bottom of the basket I've got them in fell out... too many paints?! No!

Then I need something for all my scraps of paper. I can't find anything the way they are now and so I don't look and therefore I don't make anything - too hard.

After that something for my letter writing paper, my 'sticking things' (paper glue, wood glue, metal glue, hot glue, tape - double sided, clear, masking and electrical), my fabric (small amount though it is), my beads, knitting and stamps.

I'm working on it. I'll let you know how I go. And please, please, please, if you have a good storage idea - let me know - I might just like it!

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  1. Rach! good to hear from you again! Well, as you would know, I'm one of the least organised, most cluttered people around, so no advice from me!!Give me a baby to love and take care of, I'm your person but organising clutter it just does my head in. I'm sure you'll get it all done and very well at that, love, Lyn xo


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