Got the time?

This is the time of day I get picked up when I work.

It is not a time I actually see every day. But it is a good time and I'm happy to be it.


  1. Hi Rach, I got the same time! I actually get up at 6 a.m to go walking with Kath from 6.30 - 7.30, nice time to be out in God's great creation xo

  2. Hello Rach, according to the test i'm 10:02am and like pancakes for breakfast NOT. I like my old man rolled oats with bits. The rest of it was kind of ok.


  3. hi rach, how are you going? are they being nice to you at work? i am soooooo fat. think of you often, will catch up soon. love love, KJE

  4. I'm a 10.02am person apparently...and you know what? they are so right! Hope your day is going perfectly plus i really like your blog xx
    Ooo hey adrian!!! we are the same!!!


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