Happy Harvest

A friend of mine, who has been trying to have a baby for ages, has recently begun the IVF process. Her husband has been giving her the daily injections to stimulate folicle growth and then ovum release. Today she goes in for her first 'harvest'. They will take as many eggs as they can get so that she wont have to repeat this part of the process too often. Once they have the eggs they will place one in a dish with her husbands sperm (the good ones they collected) and pray that they do, in unsual circumstances, what they are designed to normally do in usual circumstances. If all goes well she will have a little zygote, the begining of a baby, placed in her womb on monday.

Is that not a miracle?!

I know there are a lot of ethical, moral and spiritual issues that surround IVF and I know that I am certainly not aware of all the ins and outs of the process or those issues. What I do know is that my friend and her husband both desperately want to share their love with a child other their own, that they have tried many options, that because of sin these parts of their bodies don't work like God designed human bodies to work and here, through IVF, they are being given a chance to use the gifts of science, medicine and intellegence that God has given to us throughout history to come one step closer to their hearts desire.

I have shown her my support by asking lots of questions and giving her interested ears to talk to about it all. And in my quirkiness I made her a 'Happy Harvest' card. I am excited for her, nervous for her, hanging my hopes on this with her and knowing that anything I feel about this for her she must be experiencing a million times more.

Pray for her. Lift her up to our Father, who created life and who gave us the mandate to continue creating it with him. Pray as David did,

"May he [God] give you the desires of your heart" - Psalm 20v4a

*Update* - This just in: Instead of the one egg the doctor thought he'd be able to extract he was able to get SEVEN! Praise the Lord! And don't quit praying for the next phases - conception and implantation.

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